How To Bonding Flock


Bonding Flock Instructions

 Bonding Flock can be used for crafts, card making and tree and wreath flock

Bonding Flock Require no adhesive it is a self adhesive flock when water is added to the flocking process. 

 Bonding Flock is pure cellulose, non toxic, flame retardant, biodegradable, shake proof and rain and fog resistant so it is safe and environmentally friendly

 Bonding Flock How to;

How Much for Heavy Application?

For Tree Flocking you will need:

Tree height 4’=2lbs 5’=3 lbs 6’=4lbs 7’=5lbs 8’=6lbs

 Tree and Wreath Flocking You will need Bonding Flock, spray bottle and flour sifter, and a drop cloth to put under your project to protect the floor and work area. Once Bonding Flock comes in contact with water it will stick to the objects it falls on.

 Moisten the area you applying the Bonding Flock, apply Bonding Flock with applicator or sifter and mist the Bonding Flock ounce it is applied and let dry. 

 When flocking trees or wreaths hold the sifter above the area you are flocking to get a realistic snow fall look.

Card Making and Crafts you can use any glue for adhesive (To prevent curl or water stain) and a squeeze applicator

Apply the glue to the area to be flocked with Bonding Flock and liberally apply Bonding Flock , let dry and tap off excess Bonding Flock.

For more of 3D effect use a thick adhesive such as tacky glue to get a puffy look to your project.