Welcome to Flocking Unlimited: Fowl Flocker's Hobby & Craft Flocking Fibers and Flocking Supplies.

We have a full line of flocking in a variety of flock colors and package sizes for what ever your flocking needs are.

With over 50 Colors, we have the most colors at the best prices!

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What is Flocking?

"Flocking" is a decoration process that enhances the way a wide variety of products are experienced by making ordinary surfaces seem far more magical and special. "Flocking" is the process of depositing millions of little individual cut fiber particles (called "flock") onto the surface of an article for the purpose of increasing the tactile sensation, aesthetics, color and appearance.

Flocking is used in many ways. One example is in modeling where a grassy texture may be applied to a surface to make it look more realistic. Another is on a Christmas Trees, which may be flocked with a fluffy white spray to simulate snow. The fuzzy inside of a jewelry box is flocking, it protect fine jewelry from scratches and dings.


 Is Flocking My Project Going to be Hard? No! If you can paint at all you can flock your project.

How Much Flocking Do I Need? 1ounce of flocking fiber will cover about 3 square feet. (depending on recovered fibers)

Is the Flocking Durable? Yes it will last many years. You will get normal handling wear as with every thing.